Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tar-jay shopping trip

Tonight I went to Target to pick up some cat litter.  $90 later I came home with four bags of goodies, plus the box of litter that originally prompted the trip.

I browsed through their home decor while I was there, which to be honest I ALWAYS browse their home decor unless I'm in a big hurry.  Here's some of the items I admired...

First I found this comforter.  I really like the crisp blue and white pattern but I don't need another comforter right now so I passed it up. 

Then I came across their bath accessories aisle in which almost everything was on clearance.  I swear, those little red stickers catch my attention quicker than "ooh, something shiny!"  

I thought this blue ikat pillow was pretty cool, but for $25 I can find something I like better on Etsy.

I really like the pattern of these tablecloths and I think they could be cute as curtains, like these

I love these curtains too, and at $20 per panel they're a pretty decent price. 

These blue glass lamps are kind of girly perfection, second only to these other blue glass lamps from Target

I've seen mirrors in this shape all over the internet, usually for much more than $20. Love

These ombre blue glass jars are really pretty, but too expensive for my taste.  I'll definitely be watching for them to go on clearance though!

I love these little green tables.  I wonder if I could make them work somewhere in the new house...

Lastly, how can you not love this little plastic hippo watering can from the dollar section?

I saved my money and only bought this $10 frame that I've been admiring for a while.  It's a pretty good knock-off of the Jonathan Adler version, don't you think?

I love Target for budget home decor.  Have any of you found any great buys there lately? 


  1. Emmie, awesome site! I looove Target for little things like this. Recently I found an old white lamp in the basement of my apartment from the old tenants that didn't have a lampshade. Went to Target, found a gorgeous burlap lampshade, and presto. It didn't fit well, so I had to use some electrical tape....but you can't see it under the shade so it's all good.

  2. Hey Katie, thanks for stopping by! Free lamp in the basement? That's pretty sweet!