Thursday, April 12, 2012

Etsy Explorer: Paris

In exactly six weeks from today my hubby and I leave for a dream vacation to Paris and Rome.  It's kind of a graduation/we-don't-have-kids-yet-and-don't-know-when-we'll-have-this-kind-of-time-off-again trip.  I've been to Paris twice; once while I was in high school, and again when I was studying abroad in Provence during college. I absolutely love that city and I'm so excited to share it with Ben.  To tide me over until we leave I've been browsing through some Paris artwork on Etsy.  Here are some of my favorites
Paris Postcards Collection-Red

Be Happy My Dear print, only $5!

Retro 1920's styled print of Montmartre

Paris Bakery Photograph

Eiffel Tower Photograph (I own this by the way)

Hand Cut Paper Map of Paris

Paris Photograph-Origin
Watercolor-A Purple Paris
A Bit of Paris


  1. OH MY GOD. I am so jealous.

    Care to pack me in your suitcase? ;)

  2. I know, I kind of can't believe that we'll actually be there so soon. Unfortunately I don't think there will be any room for you in our 292 sq ft Paris apartment. Maybe in a few years once we're all making more money we could take a big family trip somewhere cool like Paris.