Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Positive Feedback

As I mentioned yesterday, my home is featured in Apartment Therapy's Small Cool contest.  While this is very exciting, it's also a bit stressful because I get to read negative comments about my space or how I did my entry.  There are a lot of great comments though, so for my own self-esteem I'm posting them here.  That way I can read the nice comments without having to see the nasty ones again :)

I love the photo wall and the pops of happy little patterns. :) Super cute!

I'm a fan of crisp white bed linens and colorful throw pillows for accents. The photo really grabbed my attention. Good choice Emmie.

LOVE IT. I want a full house tour.

Love it! Would also love a home tour. Emmie, tell us about the floral pouf/ottoman in the LR. Did you make it?

People often joke that you can see so much of ME (the mrs.) in our decor, but if it were left to my husband, he'd still be sleeping on an air mattress with his grandmothers afghan as his sole bedding and a walmart neon green butterfly chair for seating. Sometimes all wife isn't a bad thing, and my Mr. wouldn't disagree. Your place is charming and cozy!

I love the blue lamp in the living room and the adorable Mr. & Mrs. above the bed.

Love the apartment- very happy and pretty.

So cozy and pretty. I love it.

I really like this for what it is- which is a feminine, organized kind of style. It's not my style, but I appreciate the cohesion of a style even if it isn't like mine.

I must say that I am very, very jealous of your blue hanging lamp. DO NOT GIVE THAT UP. I've been searching for that exact one and they goes as high as $350.00 on e-bay. I have a blue table lamp from that era and love it. So back to your really is lovely. Very cozy...

I love your dining chairs!

Love all the vintage-inspired charm and cheery, but not overwhelming, color palette. I can relate to the husband who would still sleep on air mattress, when I met mine the only furniture he had was a mattress on the floor and a record player. Enjoy your happy home. P.S. We also have a dog named Finley!

I just love the arrangements of photos and the calm relaxing colors in your home. I just want to plop down on your couch and spend happy hours reading there! :-)

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