Monday, April 9, 2012

Garden Stool Party

Lately I've been noticing a lot of garden stools being used in interiors throughout blog-land.  For example,
image via here
image via here

image via here
 The problem is that they can get super expensive.  This one is $119, plus $29 shipping


And this pretty little blue guy is a whopping $224

Obviously these are both out of my budget.  So cut to Saturday, when Ben and I were browsing through Marshall's.  I walk into the clearance aisle and in between a broken lantern and an orange Buddha head I spot this beauty:

And then I check the price tag:

$35!! Are you kidding me?! I stood guard while Ben got a shopping cart for us to haul our treasure off in.  Right now it's just chillin' in our living room, but I'll find a good place for it in the new house.  I'm so happy with my clearance find!

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