Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Landscape Makeover

Hello friends! Last week I told you I was working on a big post about my house’s landscaping makeover and today I am delivering on that promise!

Here is the “before” shot of our house. I love our house, inside and out, but the landscaping was not so great.

House 1

There were three big problems that we wanted to address:

House 1 with arrows

  1. The horrible, overgrown evergreen bushes.
  2. The ugly flowerbed area that doesn’t have anything growing in it 90% of the time.
  3. The empty area on the side of the house where we pulled out an ugly and overgrown bush.

House 2 with arrows

I also wanted to replace the porch lights for something a little more stylish. The other arrow in the photo points to an existing flowering plant that is gorgeous when it blooms for about 2 weeks out of the year but looks like a giant weed the rest of the time. It had to go! 

We ended up hiring a landscaping company to take care of our makeover. Neither Ben nor I know much about plants and we didn’t the time or equipment to do the work properly. I’m really happy we decided not to DIY; it looks great and it was all taken care of while we were in Palm Beach!

Ready for the “after” photos?


House 4

Much better! It looks so much cleaner and intentional. The plants are all fairly small now but when they grow they’ll spread out and make more of a statement.

House 1

Looks great from the street doesn’t it!

House 9 with arrows

The plants in the back are hydrangeas, they’ll be so pretty when they start flowering! And we did replace the porch lights for these cute bronze ones from Home Depot.

House 7

We also added some hanging flower baskets and potted flower arrangements to give more color and interest to the porch. We planted the hanging baskets ourselves and we were planning to do the same for the potted flowers but we saw these arrangements at our local Westlake Ace Hardware store for $35 each. Pretty, affordable, and ready to go? Perfect!

Flowers and Plants

The front of our house feels so much fresher and brighter now, don’t you think?

House 8

I still want to add a bench or a couple chairs to the porch so we have a little seating area. I’ll be back tomorrow or Friday with some affordable pieces that I’m considering, I’m hoping you’ll weigh in and help me figure out which one to get!


  1. That looks great! We need to do the same, would you mind sharing your contractor's name since we live in the same town?

  2. Nice Job! I really like how clean and inviting the space looks. I'm currently trying to do some landscaping myself, but it's a long process. You can see some pic of my yard at

  3. It looks so amazing! Having fresh flowers makes a world of difference.