Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wallpaper as Art

When school started a few weeks ago the Interior Design department got rid of some of their older sample books to make room for the new ones that had been donated.  They just left them out on a bench outside the classroom with a sign that said “Take Me!”  So I did.  I grabbed three of the wallpaper sample books (which was all I could carry, those things are heavy!). 


I don’t really need any more art for my house, especially considering that 80% of it is still waiting to be hung, but I think some of the samples would look fantastic as framed artwork. 



These hot air balloon pages are my absolute favorites from all of the books.  They have a vintage French vibe, and I think the illustrations are just gorgeous.  There’s several more samples like these in different color ways.  Wouldn’t they look fabulous framed together in a series?

Here are some more of my favorites. 





The green and pink floral would be really cute in a little girl’s room.  I like the vintage black pages and since there are two pages they would look really good framed together.  The last two are nautical themed, which isn’t particularly my style but I still think they would look good in someone else’s house.  

I thought if my friend Lexi was still looking for some artwork for her apartment I could share these books with her and we might be able to find something she likes.  The best part is that, minus the cost of the frames, the art is totally free! 

Ben and I are going to be hard at work the next few days getting the house in tip-top shape for a little house warming party this weekend.  That means getting the guest room painted, hanging artwork, putting all my accessories out, and of course giving it a thorough cleaning.  Anyone want to come help?!

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