Friday, September 14, 2012


I found something good today.  Something really good. 

First, a little backstory.  I have been a fan of campaign furniture since I started seeing it on my favorite blogs in the last couple years.  I’ve tried searching craigslist for months to try to find a piece of my very own but I never had any luck.

Yesterday I was talking to my mom, who happens to be an antique shop/auction/consignment shop junkie expert, about my search for campaign furniture.  I told her to keep an eye out for some pieces for me.  I mentioned that night stands would probably be the best because I actually need some new night stands and they would fit in the car so she could bring them to me when she visits from Illinois.

Well last night I was browsing craigslist just for fun and of course I didn’t see any campaign pieces.  I decided to search “night stand” to see if I could find something with a similar shape that I could refinish it to resemble a campaign style night stand, like the DIY I project that I featured here

And then I saw it. 


Can you believe it?!  I called on it this morning and by 11 it was mine for a mere $25.  The hardware alone is worth more than that!





It isn’t in perfect shape.  I already cleaned it with some Orange Glo and my rag got really dirty.  I also used Goo Gone on the hardware which cleaned up some of the junk on them but they’ll still need to be polished.  I think it’s wood covered with laminate because it’s super heavy and solid, but there are several chips in the finish and the top is bubbling some so that will all have to be addressed. 





But it’s pretty and it’s mine!  And after some TLC is will hopefully look like one of these pieces.

campaign island


gray campaign

green campaign

all images via Little Green Notebook

Or this pretty little cabinet that Emily Henderson fixed up and is going to be selling next week!

white lacquer campaign dresser

Now it’s back to work.  I have a lot of cleaning and house-readying to do before our little party tomorrow.  I haven’t forgotten about showing more pictures of my repainted guest room; I’m just going to wait until next week so that I have more time to get it prettified. 

Have a wonderful weekend my friends! 

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