Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY Wine Cork Board

Good morning!  I have another wonderful DIY project to share with you today.  It’s fairly easy but it does require a LOT of wine; I hope that doesn’t scare you away!

I didn’t take pictures while I was crafting because my hands were covered with hot glue but the process is pretty simple.  I started with this awesome frame that my hubby and his dad built from scrap barn wood.  I don’t really know any more details than that, sorry!  Any somewhat deep frame should work for this project though.  Then I started attaching the corks to the back board by putting a line of hot glue on the back of each cork.  Be strategic about where you put the glue so that the name of the winery or the design on the cork will be facing out.  Start with two corks placed vertically, then two placed horizontally, and so on. 

The only tricky parts were fitting the corks at the edges and the bottom.  To make sure everything fit snugly and to reduce the amount of space in between the corks I trimmed the corks to size using a utility knife.  For some of the bottom corks I had to cut part of the cork off horizontally; I then just glued the flat edge to the frame itself.  I did ask my hubby to help me cut some of the corks so I didn’t accidently cut my finger off or something. 

This project was actually years in the making.  I made an earlier version of this board three years ago.  Instead of using all corks I made a border with beer caps; I also used a bunch of champagne corks from my cousin’s wedding as another border inside the bottle caps.  It looked okay for a while but then some of the caps and corks started falling off.  After a while I grew tired of the beer caps and the cluttered, inconsistent look of the corks.  I had been meaning to redo it for a long time and yesterday I finally got around to it!  I do like the look of this cork board much better than the old one. 
By the way, the thing on the right of the board in that last picture is my new Spiced Cake reed diffuser from Pier 1.  It smells incredible!  It’s the scent of the month so everything Spiced Cake is 20% off right now

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