Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Chevron Table is Finished!!

For those of you who read this blog regularly you probably remember this post about my DIY chevron table that ended in disaster.

It started out wonderfully.  I took a simple white side table from Target and carefully painted gold chevron stripes on the top.  It looked great.  Then I decided to add nail heads around the edge of the table which was not only a huge pain in the butt, it also broke the table.

Table with crack
After the table cracked I gave up.  The table sat in my living room unfinished for the last two months.  Last weekend we had a housewarming party which gave me the motivation to finish putting the house together as well as to finish up projects like this lovely table.

I made asked Ben to take out the nail heads for me so I had a blank canvas, and then I added rope.  Yep, regular sisal rope from Lowe’s.  My mom actually suggested the rope after she had seen some similar projects on Apartment Therapy.  So Friday night I put on How I Met Your Mother reruns, plugged in the hot glue gun, and started wrapping rope around the table.

table with rope 1
It was pretty easy.  I just applied a small line of hot glue to the table and pressed the rope onto it.  Since the rope is somewhat heavy I held it in place for about five seconds until the glue dried.

table with hot glue
table holding rope
Then I repeated that about 100 times until the table was wrapped in rope.  I applied the hot glue about 4-5 times per side, and it took me five layers of rope (about half the roll) to finish the table.

table with rope layers
The only part of this project that proved tricky was starting and ending the rope.  I basically just cut it off and hot glued it in placed so nothing hung over the edge.

back of finished table
closeup of back
There’s probably a better way to trim the rope but this works.  It isn’t too noticeable unless you’re looking for it.

All in all the table looks really good.  I still love the gold chevron top and the rope finishes off the piece nicely.  Here’s how the finished project looks in my living room. 
And there you have it!  I finally finished my failed Pinterest Challenge project from two months ago!


  1. What a great idea! Your table looks great and the sisal rope adds some good texture. I love that chair!!

    1. Thank you! My chair is from Target if you'd like to get your own so we can match :)