Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Hang a Gallery Wall

Another project that I did last minute before my house warming party this weekend (besides finishing my chevron table) was hanging a gallery wall in the downstairs hallway.  Usually Ben hangs the pictures in the house, especially multiple picture arrangements, but I did this all by myself using a helpful little trick. 

I started by measuring approximately how long I wanted the arrangement to be on the wall and laying the tape measurer out on the floor as a guideline.  Then I played around arranging the pictures on the floor until I came to a configuration I liked.  I took a picture of the arrangement not only so I could show you on the blog but also so I would have it as reference for the next step. 


Then I moved the pictures and rolled out some wax paper.  For this arrangement I needed three widths of paper which I taped together with scotch tape.  The books were to hold the paper down so it didn’t roll back up on itself. 


Then I moved the pictures back onto the wax paper.  I took a sharpie and outlined each of the frames.  I did draw the outlines a little wider than the actual frames because I didn’t want to get sharpie on any of my pictures.  Also, because the mirror frame is such an odd shape I didn’t trace that one, I just left an empty spot for it. 


Then I took my whole giant sheet of wax paper and hung it on the wall with some painters tape.  This is the one point in the project when I would have really liked to have someone around to help me hang this.  It was hard to get it straight and centered on the wall by myself! 


The next step was to hammer in the nails for each of the pictures.  Once that was done I hung the pictures right on top of the wax paper and then ripped the paper out from under the frames. 


And there you have it, a slightly time consuming but easy way to hang a gallery wall of pictures.




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