Friday, August 17, 2012

Accessorizing an Apartment

One of my good friends from college just moved to Kansas City and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  She’s renting a really cute apartment near the Plaza and she has a good start on getting it furnished, but she needs a little help putting in the finishing touches.  Lexi’s a super cute, vibrant, young professional and I think her apartment should reflect that.  Here’s what it looks like now. 





One of the big things I thinks she needs are some accent pillows.  Here are a few that I think would look great. 

beaded pillowplush pillowribbon pillow

Next she could add a tray to the coffee table and accessorize it with some flowers (faux or real), some books, coasters, and a couple cute candles.

croc traydahlia

Some artwork above the couch would bring in a lot of color and personality to the place.  We could buy some cute owl wall art, or we could make some DIY chevron art using teal and green paint. 

owl art

chevron art

I also think Lexi needs a few things for a landing strip.  She doesn’t have a lot of room for a table next to the couch but I think this one is narrow enough to fit, plus it will be a great place to drop stuff off when she walks in.  Wall hooks on the wall will provide a place to hang jackets and purses. 


Lexi needs a desk too, and this one is nice and simple.  I also love the citrus color of this chair and it would provide extra seating for guests. 


Curtains are another easy way to add a nice punch of texture and color. 


Finally, a colorful bowl with some rattan spheres would be a good centerpiece for the table, plus if she had guests over she could just rinse out the bowl and use it for snacks!

cabana bowlwillow sphere

All photos via Pier1 except the DIY chevron art, chair, desk, and curtains

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  1. So pumped to accessorize! I think I am feeling the teal especially!