Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Favorite Christmas Tradition

The holidays are just the best time of the year, don’t you think? They’re filled with so much gorgeous décor, fun activities, and traditions. I know every family has their own Christmas traditions, whether it’s baking cookies together or going ice skating at a special rink, or just getting together for gifts and games on Christmas.

When Ben and I first moved in together 7 years ago I thought it would be fun to start our own tradition by getting each other a special ornament. It was a way to build our ornament collection and to give each other a personal gift that reflects our interests. I’ve loved searching for the perfect ornament for Ben every Christmas season, but I think he wins for getting me the better ornament each year. Here are the ornaments we’ve exchanged.


Ornaments 2008

A snowman doctor for Ben to celebrate his first year in med school, and a first Christmas photo ornament from Ben to which we added a pic of our new little family (no Finnley yet).


Ornaments 2009

I laughed so much when I opened my ornament and saw that, without planning it, we had gotten each other these mini glass ornaments! We even got them from the same store!


Ornaments 2010

A Mizzou glass for Ben, and a really sweet and whimsical ornament for me.


DSC_0865Wedding ornament

We got married in 2011, so without discussing it, we both happened to get each other wedding ornaments. I made a ornament filled with our wedding invitation, and Ben ordered a hand painted ornament from Etsy personalized with our wedding date.

The last two years we decided not to buy each other more ornaments since our tree was getting pretty full and still growing (I worked at a home store in 2012, so I collected a lot of ornaments from them that year, and last year we got a new tree that happened to come with tons of ornaments), but I’m so happy we decided to start this little tradition of ours. I love looking back on the ornaments we’ve given each other; they’re some of my favorite gifts (given and received).

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