Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Springtime!

For those of you who have seen our guestroom, you know the paint is a bit atrocious.  It’s an ugly salmon/fleshy colored pink with some awful brown sponge painting over the top.  These pictures don’t convey just how ugly it is.


Not only are the paint colors ugly, the previous owners also did a terrible job painting.  They didn’t tape off the trim or take off the outlets so there’s paint all over everything.  And look how they patched the nail holes below.


Yuck.  So this room has been targeted as the first to get repainted since we moved in (we had the living room painted right before we moved in).  Neither Ben or I really have the energy right now to repaint the room, but we decided to go ahead and buy all the paint and supplies we needed yesterday.  Sherwin Williams was having their 40% off sale and it was just too good of a deal to pass up.  So we started by picking up a bunch of paint swatches.  I wanted either a pretty light to medium purple with some gray in it, or a crisp light green with lots of yellow.  I cut out the ones I like and taped them on the wall.


Yeah, that’s a lot of choices.  After staring at all the colors for a while I narrowed them down to these three:


Mauve Finery, Enchanted, and Springtime.  I thought I really wanted to do purple but I ended up liking the green better.  It will really brighten up the space and make it nice and light and airy.  Plus, even though I liked these two purple shades, I feel that purple can go too pink and little-girly really easily, which is not what I want.  I went onto Sherwin Williams’ color visualizer, which I used when we picked the living room paint color, to see what the Springtime color would look like in the room and this is what it generated:


It barely even looks green in this picture! That made me nervous so I tried the room in Gleeful, which is one step darker than Springtime.


That looks a little more like what I want, but I still wasn’t sure because the swatch of Gleeful looks like a pretty bright green, so I went back to Sherwin Williams to pick up paint samples of Springtime and Gleeful.  Here’s what they looked like after we got them up on the wall.


It’s still kind of hard to get a good idea of the paint colors in this picture, but Springtime (on the left) is a really pretty light creamy green with some yellow in it.  Gleeful is pretty too but since it’s more of a lime green I think it would be too overwhelming.  So Springtime is the winner! I sent Ben back to Sherwin Williams for the third time to pick up two gallons of this paint, plus some trim paint, ceiling paint, and painting supplies. 
I’m not sure when we’ll get down to painting the room but you know I’ll share pictures when we do!

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