Monday, September 10, 2012

Update: High-Low Project Remake

A couple weeks ago I shared this post about how I recreated a room from the HGTV show The High Low Project.  My version only cost $2189 compared to the $2800 Sabrina spent on her low version.  However, mine did not include most of the accessories, including the wall art behind the sofa.  Well, guess what I found today?!


This set of nine adhesive wall decals is only $25!  Don’t they look exactly like the art Sabrina used on the show?!

low room

Isn’t that awesome?!  Now I do prefer the look of framed art over wall decals so I’d probably go ahead and spend the extra dough on some frames for the decal tiles, but as I’ve mentioned before, you can find some super inexpensive frames at places like Michaels.  So even with the cost of the frames my look is still way cheaper than Sabrina’s!  Score! 

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