Thursday, July 12, 2012

$4 Artwork

Earlier this year I purchased two calendars from Alicia Bock with the intention of framing a bunch of the pages for a gallery wall display.  The thing that was holding me back though was the cost of framing.  The cheap frames I usually buy at Hobby Lobby are $5 on sale but you still have to pay for the mat.  Since these prints are 5”x5” I’d have to have the mats custom cut which ups the cost even more.  So I was saving up for this project.  That is until I stopped into Michaels Sunday when I was looking for supplies for my Pinterest Challenge projects.  I was shocked at how many affordable frame options they have!  And I was thrilled when I saw this 4-pack of frames for $10 (marked down 50% from the regular price of $20). 


They were 8”x8” AND they were already matted to 5”x5”.  Perfect!  I snatched up two packages and I might go pack for another one.  This morning I went through my calendar pages to pick out 8 of my favorites.  All I had to do was cut the date part off the bottom with my scrapbook cutter, clean the frame, and tape them in.  Easy peasy!  They look so good in the frames!




I’m just waiting for Ben to get home so he can help me hang them perfectly.  I love my new art and I especially love the price:

  • Calendars: $5 each, times 2=$10
  • Shipping: $5.50
  • Frames: $10 each package, 2 packages=$20
  • Total: $35.50
  • Total divided by 8=less than $4.50 each!

That is so stinking affordable! If you were ever hesitant to acquire artwork because it was too expensive you don’t have any excuse now Smile

By the way, thanks to those of you who suggested options for finishing my failed chevron table.  I’m still mulling the options over but I’m probably going to do option 3 or 4.  I think continuing the nailheads around the table would cause more cracks, and just finishing one side would look incomplete.  When I do finish it though I’ll be sure to share! 

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