Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We finally got the Alicia Bock calendar prints hung!  I did 4 on each side of the living room window in a grid pattern.  Here’s how they look:



It feels wonderful to get the living room that much closer to being done. 

I also finally made a decision on what print to order from 20x200!  The winner is…


Prettymaps Paris by Aaron Straup Cope.  It’s a gorgeous map of Paris that’s suppose to remind you of what the city looks like when you look out of an airplane at night.  It’s not a flower like my mom thought Smile  I bought it with the gift certificate I bought on Joss and Main back in March.  It should be here later this week, and then I’ll just need to find the perfect frame and place to hang it!

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  1. Love love love this! Glad you got the Paris map!