Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Part 1: Gold Embellished Frames

frame with title

The lovely Sherry at Young House Love and three other awesome bloggers started the Pinterest Challenge last year to inspire readers to actually complete a project from Pinterest.  I had pinned this image a few months ago and this season’s challenge was the extra push I needed to make my own awesome picture frames.
This project was actually inspired by some high end frames in a House Beautiful feature.  Courtney at A Thoughtful Place just covered the corners with some painter’s tape that she spray painted gold.  I chose to paint the actual frame.  Here’s the before: a basic $5 frame from Michaels.

I measured three inches from each end and taped off a straight edge. Then I painted the corners with yellow gold acrylic paint by Martha Stewart. It took about four coats to get decent coverage but in the end it turned out great!

I framed a print of the Piazza Navona I bought in Rome.  I have another frame to paint, but after that’s done I’m going to hang both pieces in my half bath to go with the other souvenirs from my travels.

If I were to do this project all over again I would definitely buy a frame with a very basic shape so that I could tape it off better.  I would also try a different type of paint…maybe spray paint?   All in all though I’m very happy with my first Pinterest Challenge project!


  1. Awesome, Im pinning this AND doing it. Reminds me of campaign hardware in a way. Thanks

  2. Thanks Angela! I hadn't thought about it reminding me of campaign hardware but now that you say that it totally does!