Monday, July 23, 2012


I’ve kind of reached a standstill in decorating the house.  I really haven’t done much since my two Pinterest projects last week, and I haven’t even finished those.  I still need to paint my second frame and get those hung in the bathroom, and I haven’t touched the chevron table.  We went to Tablerock Lake this weekend so Friday morning I got the house somewhat picked up for my friend Kate, who came over to house and pet sit for us.  While it was looking nice I snapped some pictures so you could see how it’s looking now.  Here’s the living room.


You can’t really tell in these pictures but Ben hung sheers in the living room window.  It’s wonderful because we can leave the drapes open but still have some privacy.

The one new thing I have been decorating is the bedroom, specifically, the bed.  We bought a new queen sized mattress when we moved into the house but after a few weeks I decided we would be better off with a king sized bed.  So we picked out a new bed from Mattress Firm and they delivered the new king mattress and took back the queen one.  I’m really glad we made that decision.  I love it not only because we have more room and it fills the space better, but it’s also much comfier than the other one.  But that also meant that I had to buy all new bedding, so I ended up buying a sheet set and a nice light quilt from TJ Maxx for only $40 each.  Here’s what the bedroom looks like now.

I still need to hang artwork, and Ben and I are going to build an upholstered headboard sometime soon-ish.  I’ll be sure to post all the details once that happens!


  1. I noticed that your master bathroom opens into the bedroom with no door between. Ours is that way in our new house, also. How do you feel about that? Do you think you will ever make some kind of division or leave it as is?

  2. Hi Erin! That's a good question. When we bought the house I was sure that I wanted to enclose the bathroom. My husband goes to work early most days and I thought that it would be a problem for him to get ready in the bathroom that's open to the bedroom. So far though it really hasn't been bothering me. I kind of like the open feeling and I like seeing the pop of the pretty blue color from the bathroom. The shower and the toilet are off to the side with a door to that room so it does give the bathroom more privacy there. So as for now I want to keep the room open but that could certainly change down the road :)