Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics Opening Ceremony Watch Party

Friday night my BFF Kate came over to watch the London Opening Ceremonies.  To make the night a little more festive I decided to make an international themed dinner with food and drinks from around the world (or at least the American version of food and drinks from around the world).  I’m not sure if the two of us hanging out and eating a ton of food technically counts as a watch party but that’s what I’m calling it.  Here’s what we had:


Pita Chips and Hummus for Greece (both store bought)


Moscow Mule for Russia, via Oprah’s recipe


Patatas Bravas for Spain, via Katie’s recipe


Margarita for Mexico, recipe from Epicurious


Vegetable Lo Mein for China, recipe from Food Network (I substituted a fresh red bell pepper for the bag of frozen stir-fry vegetables)

I did pick up some all-American chocolate chip cookies handmade for us by the fine folks at HyVee for dessert but we forgot to eat them/we were really full.  We also had a glass of kir later in the evening for France but I didn’t snap a picture.

In the spirits of the Olympics, here’s my scoring for the evening:

Food and Drinks:  Gold

Company:  Gold

Opening Ceremonies:  Bronze, barely.  Can we talk about the giant Voldemort puppet that was “defeated” by the 50 Mary Poppins that dropped from the sky?? Or the history lesson of the industrial revolution via drummers, dance, and smokestacks raising from the ground?? Not impressed. 

I do really enjoy this meme inspired by the ceremonies though:


All in all it was a wonderful evening.  Fun was had by all, including Finnley; he was a bit worn out by the end of the evening:


And that’s just the start of what turned out to be a wonderful weekend.  I’ll be back with more details tomorrow!

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