Thursday, August 23, 2012

TGI Thursday

Hey guys!  I’m sorry for my lack of posts the last couple days.  Between my new job with an irregular schedule and starting interior design classes I’ve been much busier than normal.  I want to work on getting into a new routine which of course will include getting back to regular blog posts. 

Some of you have asked for an update on my dining table and chairs update.  I had been putting off buying the fabric but now I’ve decided I want to wait until this winter to make a decision.  One of my classes this semester is Interior Textiles and I should be learning waaay more about fabric than I ever thought I would.  Seriously.  For example, my first assignment is to complete a textiles sample notebook in which I copy down descriptions and then attach samples of that fabric for a whopping 151 different types of fabric.  I had no idea 151 different types of fabric even existed but by the end of the semester I should know the fiber content and material features of all of them.  So long story short, I’m waiting until I know more about fabric so I can make an educated decision. 

So for now my dining chairs are going to remain like this, ugly and stained.


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