Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dining Table and Chairs Revamp

In April Ben and I bought a dining table and four matching chairs from Craigslist for a total of $80.  Everything is in great shape but they need some cosmetic upgrades. 


The table just needs to be sanded down a bit to take out some scratches and I think we’re going to stain it a darker color. 


The previous owner told us the chairs were stained to give them an antiqued finish, but they just look kind of dirty to me.  The owners were also heavy smokers; when they opened the garage door to show us the furniture it absolutely reeked of smoke.  The fabric on the chairs is pretty dirty too and it’s not my style anyway. 




So my plan for the chairs is to repaint them white and recover the cushions.  The hard part is going to be choosing a fabric.  Here are a bunch of options that I’m loving. 

Fabric Collage 1

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Fabric Collage 3

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

The first set are all geometric prints, including chevron, and the second set is ikats and more organic prints.  All of the fabrics cost between $7.50 and $9 per yard with the exception of #3 in the second set, which costs $17 per yard.  But it is gorgeous and it’s a heavier weight fabric which might be good for the chairs.  A few of the fabrics are indoor/outdoor fabrics which should make it easier to keep clean. 

Sooo….thoughts?  What do you guys like?  I love them all and I’m having a hard time deciding.  The only one I feel I can probably rule out at this point is the bird print.  I love it but I’m guessing I can’t convince Ben of it’s cuteness.  I like #5 in the second set a lot…but I like all the others too.  Help me!


  1. I really love #4 in the first's clean, bold, and classic :)

  2. I like #5 on the first set and I ADORE #6 on the second. Super cute!

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  4. This is AWESOME and sooo stylish!!
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