Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photo Magnet DIY

Today I have a super simple DIY project to share with you.  A lot of events and weddings these days (including my wedding last year) have photo booths for their guests.  The photo strips are great souvenirs from the night, and turning them into magnets is an easy way to display the pictures. 

I used a photo that my friend Kate and I took at First Friday a few weeks ago.  A guy actually converted the back of an old VW Van into a photo booth complete with fun props.  It was “free” (donations gratefully accepted) to use, so Kate and I hopped in and took some fun pictures. 

To make your photo magnets you only need a few supplies:

  • Photos
  • Business card magnets (these sat in my desk at work unused for years so I took them home)
  • Scissors
  • Exacto/craft knife (optional)


First step is to cut out the picture you want to use.  I chose this gem:


Then peel the backing off the magnet.


Line up the edges of the photo with the magnet and press down on the photo to adhere it to the magnet.


Trim off the excess part of the magnet with the exacto knife or with scissors (I think the knife works better but be very careful and use some cardboard or a mat underneath to protect your work surface). 


And you’re done! You can trim off some of the photo if it is larger than the magnet but it’s not necessary. 



Recognize my eye chart art?  I made two magnets and I think the whole process took maybe five minutes, which included time to take pictures.  This is one of the easiest craft projects I’ve done and it requires no crafting talent at all; if you can cut in a straight line you’re good. 

This also makes a great gift.  A friend’s wedding last year featured a photo booth and me and two friends took some pretty cute pictures, but we only got one copy of the photos.  So I cut the individual photos apart, turned them into magnets, and sent one to each of my friends in their Christmas card. 

This project cost me nothing since I got the magnets for free, but you can get a pack of 25 business card magnets for about $7 at an office supply store.  Not the cheapest thing in the world but if you plan to make several of these it becomes pretty inexpensive. 


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