Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chip It!

Sherwin Williams recently launched a new website called Chip It!.  It’s a sales tool of course, but it’s also pretty fun to play with.  You can take any picture and “chip it”;  the picture will then appear with up to 10 paint colors taken from that picture.  The idea is that you can find an exact paint color scheme for any room based on any picture. 

So I played around and here’s what I came up with.  First I tried pictures of rooms I really like.


original image via Emily Henderson


original image via Life in Grace


original image via Emily Henderson

Then I tried it using images of artwork from Etsy.


original image via Etsy


original image via Etsy


original image via Etsy

And I even used my favorite pillow to create a color scheme (this one is my favorite!).


Kind of fun isn’t it?  I can see this being really useful for someone who’s unsure how to put colors together.  It also takes the guesswork of figuring out what paint color to use to match a certain shade. 

Have you tried Chip It yet? 

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