Wednesday, January 8, 2014


So I know I’m about a week behind on the whole New Year’s Resolutions thing, but better late than never, right? I have the same general resolutions that a lot of people have: lose weight, eat more healthfully, get into an exercise routine, be more productive, spend more time with friends, etc. But I enjoyed thinking about more specific things I’d like to do based on this resolution questionnaire from

2014: My New Year’s Resolutions

So here are my answers to the survey!

A bad habit I’d like to break: Procrastinating about everything

A destination I’d like to visit: The beach

I’m going to work harder at: Taking care of myself

A project I’d like to finish: Starting my business!

A class I’d like to take: Photography, to learn how to use my new DSLR camera

I’d like to spend more time doing: Lots of things: reading, spending time outdoors, getting together with friends

A food I want to eat more of: Unprocessed, natural foods

I want to wear more: Dresses


What do you think about the questionnaire? Feel free to leave your own answers or your own resolutions in the comments! And if you need more food for thought, here are two lists of resolutions that I think everyone can benefit from doing.

23 Reasonable Things Every Person Should Resolve to do in the New Year, from Thought Catalog

Tuesday 10: Resolutions Everyone Should Make

10 Resolutions Everyone Should Make in 2014, from

One more thing that I’d like to share with you is a challenge I’m giving myself to start the new year healthier and thinner: I’m going vegan for a week. No meat, no dairy, no eggs, no foods containing animal products at all. I don’t eat very much meat anyway so that part won’t be hard, nor will the eggs, but the dairy will be a challenge, as will avoiding foods made with these ingredients. In addition to losing a few pounds I’m hoping that this week will serve as a “refresh button” if you will for my body; like most of us, I’ve eaten so much junk over the last few weeks that now I think my body is really craving some good stuff. I’ve already planned out most of my meals for the week; to see what I’ll be making check out my Vegan Foods Pinterest Board. Wish me luck!

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