Monday, December 8, 2014

I’m Back! (And Where I’ve Been)

Hello friends! It’s been way too long since my last post, I’ve missed you all!

There’s no one reason why I haven’t blogged in two months (whoa, long time), but rather a combination of several factors.  In October I went back to Illinois for a long weekend for my high school reunion, and a week later we left for a week-long trip to Washington D.C. Then when we got back I got hit we got with some bad news (the “c” word) about a family member that got me pretty down. That’s on top of the rollercoaster that another close family member has been going through with her health for the past several years (f*cking cancer). So between being busy/out of town and the rough stuff with my family, I just wasn’t in the mood to blog.

Then after I hadn’t posted in a few weeks it was hard to get started again. It’s kind of like exercise; once you get out of the habit, it’s not easy to get back in it.

But I do miss this little blog of mine so I’m coming back. I have a great Christmas themed post tomorrow, plus my kitchen transformation, a tour of my house all decked out for the holidays, and a desk makeover. Stay tuned!

And thanks for sticking around while I’ve been gone, it means a lot!

Perhaps my favorite part of Elf...although it's hard to pick just one favorite!!

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear the bad news!! you definitely deserved a much needed break. Looking forward to more. :) xoxo