Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Mantle Craft

Today I decided my fireplace needed to get a little more Christmas-fied.  When you last saw it I had a good start with the reindeer and the stockings.  Over the last couple weeks I added the garland and the new vase from Target with some red berry branches in it.  I still needed a Christmas centerpiece for it though. 

So today I decided to get crafty and creative.  I didn’t want to spend any money, spend a lot of time on the project, or make a big mess.  I was loosely inspired by the mantle I shared with you last week. Here’s the finished project. (P.S. sorry for the not great pictures, my camera died over the weekend and I forgot to charge it so I had to rely on the iphone.)


And here’s how I got there.  This was one of those projects that I just made up as I went.  I started with an old poster frame that was hanging out in the basement.  I wrapped the front of it with wrapping paper. 


Then I added a tree form to the center of it.  I didn’t have any paper big enough so I used one side of a shopping bag from Anthropologie (like I told you, I made this up as I went along).  I attached it to the wrapping papers using glue dots on the three corners.  Then I spelled out “Merry Christmas” underneath it with the same stickers I used on my makeup box

The next step was to cut out a ton of little stars out of scrapbook paper using this paper punch. 



The final step was to glue all the stars onto the tree.  I just used a glue stick on the back of each of the stars and then stuck them randomly on the paper.  This was the most time consuming part of the project but it was so easy that I didn’t mind.  Plus I had my favorite movie, The Princess Bride, on in the background. 

Once I was happy with the amount of star coverage I was done! 


I took down my Paris map print and put this in its place.




Looks pretty good, doesn’t it?!  Especially for a project that was free and really easy! 

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