Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Additions

In addition to spending a lot of time unpacking and setting up our house we've also been doing a lot of shopping and spending way to much money on all of the little things one needs for a new house.  Here's a look at some of the items we've bought.

First is my beloved Target chair that I bought back in April.  Obviously I've owned this for a while but it's been in storage at my mother-in-law's, disassembled in the original shipping box.  Now it's finally put together hanging out in our living room and I love it! It's twin is still sitting in pieces in my bedroom but it'll get put together soon. 

Next up are my new curtains.  This first set is in our living room.  They are from Target and they normally retail for $29.99 each, but they were on sale for $28.49 this week.  I'm sorry for the bad pictures, I was taking them during the day but the sunlight was messing up my shots. 

I also bought new curtains for our bedroom.  The previous owner actually left some white sheer curtains and nice curtain rods in the room and I wasn't planning to replace them immediately.  After our first night in the new house though we realized that the sheers actually let it a lot of morning sunlight though.  We picked up a couple different options: a bright blue set of blackout curtains from TJ Maxx, and a blue and white pattern set from Target.  You might remember that I had spotted the patterned curtains during my Tar-jay shopping trip in April.

It turns out that the bright blue curtains from TJ Maxx are kind of obnoxiously bright, and they didn't block much more light than the Target ones, plus I like having the pattern in there versus the solid splash of blue.  We had bought the last two panels from our local Target though, and they don't have them online, so we went to the next closest store to get the other two.  They only had one, so then I texted my sister-in-law and asked her to pick up one more for us at the Target near her.  It only took three people shopping at three different Targets but we eventually acquired a full set :) 

I'm also slowly putting up decorations.  Here's a look at the little shelving nook in the kitchen, the first area that is somewhat complete.  

And last but not least I'm sharing a few pictures of my Finnley dog taken while he was hanging out on the couch next to me the other day. 

Isn't he just the cutest :) 

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