Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NYC Studio Apartment, Part 1

One of Ben's med school buddies is moving to New York City for his residency.  I think he and his fiance are excited to move the Big Apple, but they're probably not as excited about their apartment though.  As I'm sure you know, space is at a premium in NYC, so they will be renting a 300 square foot studio apartment that's owned by the hospital.  Two people living in 300 sq. ft. will be a challenge, and furnishing the space will be just as hard.  I told Jon I would try to come up with some ideas for his new home.  When dealing with a tiny space you want to focus on finding pieces that a) do double duty, b) provide storage, or best, c) both.  Here's what I came up with for the living room area. 

1.  Laboratory Lamp, Urban Outfitters  A lot of apartments either don't have overhead lighting or if they do, it's pretty terrible, so I wanted to bring in some lighting for them.  This one is nice and skinny so it won't take up much floor space. 
2.  Night and Day Convertible Sofa, Urban Outfitters I love the color and clean modern lights of this sofa, plus it folds down to a nice sized bed.  Perfect for out of town visitors!
3.  Bonjour Multi Hook, Urban Outfitters Don't forget about vertical space for storage and display.  Wall hooks like these provide a great place to hang jackets and bags, or you can use them in the bedroom to hang necklaces or scarves.  Urban Outfitters has a lot of other cute options too. 
4.  Zigzag Rug, Urban Outfitters A rug will add pattern and texture to the room and it will help define the living room area.  
5.  Embossed Cement Laptop Table, World Market Use this as a side table, tv tray, or as a laptop table.  The open base means it won't take up much visual space.  
6.  Red Mimic Cube, Crate and Barrel I love these little tables.  They come in a bunch of colors but I like the pop the red would add to the space.  Use two of them in place of a standard coffee table.  If you have people over you can move them off to the side and stack them on top of each other.  The open base is perfect for storage too.
7.  Josephine Desk, World Market A nice simple desk for you to work or even eat at.  
8.  Navy Ottoman Pouf, Etsy Poufs are great for extra seating or for lounging on the floor.  They also add more color and texture to the space, and like the cubes, you can stack them off to the side if you need more space.  
9.  Manhattan TV Stand, Target Great clean lines with plenty of storage for DVD's or anything else you'd like to stash away.

I'll be back tomorrow with a mood board and more ideas for the bedroom!  

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