Monday, June 25, 2012

TV Stand Makeover

We had been using a small console table from Pier 1 as a TV stand in our apartment.  It worked well there but it just didn't look right in the new house, plus it only held maybe half of our DVD collection.  I wanted to get a new one but I didn't want to spend very much money.  So on one of our many shopping trips to Target last week we found this TV stand for $89.99.
I liked the clean lines, the height, and the amount of storage available.  I didn't like the huge splash of brown though, but I had an idea to spruce it up.  My inspiration was this credenza that Emily Henderson used on an episode of "Secrets From a Stylist."

That TV stand is a credenza she bought from an antique store.  It was originally all wood but her contractor painted the outside white to mimic a high end mid-century modern piece.  So Ben and I copied Emily and painted the top, sides, and front edges of the bottom and middle pieces.  Take a look!

What do you think? I am really happy with how it turned out! The paint job isn't perfect and it may need to be touched up in a few weeks but I think we have a great Danish mid-century modern inspired custom piece for only $90 plus the cost of primer and paint.  And even though it's from Target I am allowed to call it a Danish piece because it was all made in Denmark! 

I also got the other two curtain panels hung up in the bedroom and Ben assembled my chair for me. 

Yes that is my Leo cat slinking across the bedroom as I was taking the picture.  The room is starting to come together! It still needs artwork and accessorizing but it's getting there!

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