Friday, May 11, 2012

Trending: Sunburst Mirrors

I have been seeing sunburst mirrors everywhere lately and I love them.  They look wonderful almost anywhere: over the fireplace mantle, in the dining room on an accent wall, or over the bed.  Sabrina Soto even featured them in the latest episode of The High Low Project, (btw, I'm so happy that show is back on the air, I thought it had been canceled!).  The problem with these lovely mirrors is that they can be quite pricey.  The first "high-end" version of Sabrina's room featured six sunburst mirrors that collectively cost over $2500.  That's over $400 each!  I did a quick search online and discovered that $400 is actually an average price.  This little gold-leafed beauty costs more than double that at $847.50!

There is just no way I can afford to pay that much for a mirror, so I did a little shopping and rounded up nine beautiful sunburst mirrors that all cost under $100.

     1.  Home Decorators, $59
     2.  Home Decorators, $69
     3.  Hobby Lobby, $49.99
     4.  Ballard Designs, $99
     5.  Ballard Designs, $79
     6.  Kirklands, $59.99
     7.  Home Depot, $34.97
     8.  Target, $24.19
     9.  Target, $84.99

Aren't these wonderful? They are definitely going on my to-buy list once I save up some more money for decorating the house.  

This weekend will be a busy one for me.  I'm working my last Saturday ever at the bank, then heading to Maryville for Ben's 7-year-old sister's dance recital, and then trying to meet up with a bachelorette party downtown.  Sunday I'm just going to try to get some stuff done around the house before the craziness of graduation week is upon us.  

I hope all of you have a fabulous and relaxing weekend!

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