Thursday, May 17, 2012

Random Loves

Today's post is a little random.  It's my last day ever at the bank so I'm a little distracted, and putting together a well thought out post is just not happening.  Instead I'm going to share a few wonderful posts from some of my favorite blogs.  

The first is this post by the always wonderful Emily Henderson.  Ladies and (gay) gentlemen, do yourself a favor and look at her post right now, if for nothing more than the drool-worthy pictures of Ryan Gosling.  Once you've regained your composure take a minute to read her post.  She has actually written a really smart and helpful guide to picking out the right gray paint color by comparing them to different photos of Mr. "Hey-Girl".  It sounds kind of stupid when I write about it but it really is a great article.  

Next up is this post from Keller Creative.  I absolutely love what Kim has done with her screened in porch.  It is such an inviting space and I can totally see myself hanging out for here for hours.  I haven't done anything with our new deck yet but eventually I would love to recreate this look.  

Lastly, I'm sharing Kristen's living room from 6th Street Design School.  I love just about everything about this space, but I especially love the fabric she used for the curtains.  I've also seen it used on all sorts of furniture, including these pieces from Target (both are on sale right now!)

Desert Blue Storage Bench

Abstract Print Slipper Chair
That is all folks.  I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!

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