Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Entryway Light

One of the nice things about our home is that almost all of the light fixtures have been updated.  All except the lovely shiny brass chandelier in the entryway which I'm sure is original to the house, so circa 1989.

Not so pretty.  I mentioned in this post that I really want to replace it, but the problem is that I have very little money to spend on things like entryway chandeliers at the moment.  My brilliant hubby may have come up with a solution though.  See this light in the formal dining room?

It's a perfectly nice dining room chandelier, except we're not going to use the room as a formal dining room.  Since we already have a great dining area off the kitchen we're going to make this room into a library/sitting room or something along those lines.  The chandelier hangs pretty low so anytime you walk through the room it's quite easy to bump your head on the chandelier.  After Ben had done this a couple times he suggested that maybe we could move it to the entryway and replace the light in this room with something inexpensive or DIY.  I brought this up to my parents when they were at the house Sunday and they both liked the idea.  It should be pretty easy since the previous homeowner left the chain for this light which looks plenty long.  I played in Picasa a little bit and here's an idea of what it would look like. 

What do you think? Does this look right as an entryway light or does it scream "I'm supposed to be in a dining room!"?

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