Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday Favorites

I know I usually do my “favorites” post on Fridays but I’m sharing it early this week because I am going to Go Blog Social tomorrow! I will be at this blogging conference in downtown KC all day Friday and Saturday. I am so excited to meet lots of amazing bloggers and hopefully learn a ton of valuable information.

Anyway, here I few things that I really loved this week. Enjoy!

This Quiz

For decorating nerds like me, Pop Sugar’s “Which Celebrity Decorator Gets You” quiz is the ultimate personality test. Although I love all the potential designers I was thrilled to get my favorite: Emily Henderson!

Emily Henderson










This Article

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably heard that the long running TV series How I Met Your Mother ended this Monday. I watched it and yes, I cried a little a lot; I was a big ball of emotions after it ended. I’m not going to write any spoilers here but there were definitely some shockers in the finale and I know a lot of fans were not so happy with the show’s creators. I thought it was pretty great though; Donna Bowman’s summary on A.V. Club reflects most of my feelings on the episode quite well. Read it here.

These Shoes

Bright Yellow Jonathan Adler for TOMS Women's Classics hero

TOMS are my daily go to shoe, and Jonathan Adler is one of my favorite home designers, so of course I’m in love with the JA/TOMS collaboration! There are several pairs of shoes that I love but I think these yellow ones are my favorites. I want them, I need them, oh baby oh baby.

And These Shoes

BM shoes

One of my closest friends is getting married this summer and I’m going to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I already have the dress and now we’re trying to decide on the shoes and this stunning Bagdley Mischka evening shoe is in the running. I don’t have a lot of occasions to wear fancy shoes like this but I really think I need these heels in my life.

This Video

Jimmy Fallon has been killing it as the new host of The Tonight Show and there are a hundred segments that I would love to share with you, but this bit by Samuel L. Jackson is really special. He performs a flawless slam poem about one my favorite 90’s TV shows, Boy Meets World and it is everything you could imagine a slam poem by SLJ could be. Watch it, love it, share it.


This House Tour

There are so many beautiful moments in Apartment Therapy’s Maureen’s Classic & Comfy Austin Abode. I’m really impressed at how she was able to successfully keep the same color scheme (black and white with pops of green and gold) throughout the whole house. She also mixes traditional style with hollywood regency glamor and rustic flea market finds very well. Check out the rest of the tour here.


  1. Oh man! I wish I found those shoes before I purchased the ones I needed for a wedding that I'm in! It was a pleasure meeting you at Go Blog Social! - Lindsay (

    1. Right?! They are so gorgeous, I hope we get them. It was wonderful to meet you too, I'll definitely be keeping up with you on The Garden Apt!