Thursday, October 3, 2013

Autumn Yarn Wreath DIY

I have a new DIY project to share with you today! I’m still working on my fall table decorations, but in the meantime I made a new seasonal wreath for the front door.

Yarn Wreath

I started with a plain foam wreath and two different colors of yarn from Michaels.

Wreath Supplies

Then I marked the wreath with a sharpie so I would have a guide for where to start and stop with each color.

Marked Wreath

Then I started wrapping. I just used a piece of scotch tape to secure the pieces of yarn to the back (marked) side of the wreath. That’s it. And I wrapped…and wrapped…and wrapped. It takes a surprisingly long time to do this, but I got in some quality TV time while I worked on it.

P.S. This whole process would probably be much easier if I didn’t have a cat constantly watching me and trying to get ahold of the yarn so he could play.

Once I was done with the yarn part I added a coupe simple embellishments. I used wire cutters to snip a few flowers off this bunch I bought for 50% off.


I left about an inch and a half of the stem on each flower so that I could just poke the wire stem into the foam wreath. Easy!

For the last step I added a simple bow using some green ribbon I got on clearance for $1. Then I hung the wreath from the 3M hook on the back of my door like I did with my summer wreath.

Yarn Wreath Door

Yarn Wreath

I think it turned out pretty well! It was fairly inexpensive too:

  • Foam wreath: $7
  • Orange yarn: $4
  • Beige yarn: $3
  • Green ribbon: $1
  • Faux flowers: $4
  • Total: $19

So for less than $20 I was able to make a fall wreath that I love. Not a bad deal!

I’m sharing this project on the It’s Fall Y’All link party on Southern Hospitality, check it out for more awesome fall décor ideas!

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