Monday, January 7, 2013

Well Hello, 2013

Hello dear readers!  I’m back from a nice little holiday break which included four Christmas celebrations (two here and two back in IL) and a super fun NYE out with friends.

I have some great projects in the works but for now I just want to share some pictures of a few of my favorite Christmas gifts. 


My parents gave us this lovely painting that they bought on Ebay.  Isn’t it pretty?!  To me it looks like it could be in a museum.  And all of those blues!  Oh I love it.  I have it hanging behind the desk in our office, which by the way, I also just repositioned and accessorized to make it more effective.  Previously the desk was flipped so that it was sitting in the corner along the walls.  Now it faces out to the rest of the room and it is much more pleasant to work at.  I also added a lamp, picture frame, and some office accessories I had at my old job. 


I also got a very pretty paperweight that is displayed on a bookshelf with my Anthro vase and Christmas books from Ben.



We also got another fun painting from my parents.  I love the super ornate gold frame!


Other notable gifts included a Keurig coffee maker, the book Life of Pi (which I read in just a few days and highly recommend), and lots of Starbucks gift cards.  Thank you to all of our parents for the wonderful presents!  2013 is already off to a wonderful (and well caffeinated!) start! 

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