Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Tablescape + a DIY Failure

I finally finished my Spring tablescape, just in time for Easter weekend. Actually we won’t even be here for Easter; we’re flying to West Palm Beach, Florida tomorrow morning and staying for the long holiday weekend! But I still wanted to add some spring décor to the house before Easter. Here it is!

Spring Table 6

Spring Table 3

I’ve done a seasonal tablescape for the last two seasons (Fall and Christmas) but I hadn’t done one since December so it was definitely time to add a bit of spring to the house. This season’s table décor consisted of three main parts: a DIY fabric table runner; blue metal baskets filled with Easter grass and candy eggs; and some vintage brass candlesticks with taper candles.

Spring Table 2

Other than the DIY table runner, which I’ll share a tutorial for next week, there’s not very much explanation or instruction needed for my table décor. I found the brass candlesticks at a local thrift store last month and I really wanted to use them as a centerpiece. The blue tins were $1 each at Target, and I made them perfect for Easter by filling each basket with a mix of green and pink plastic Easter grass and then topping them with some Whopper’s Robin Eggs candy. I made the table runner out of two yards of a cute spring green Moroccan print fabric from Hobby Lobby.

Spring Table 1

Spring Table 4

Spring Table 5

Spring Table 8

Cute, right? I love simple and inexpensive décor like this. Here’s a rundown of what I spent:

  • Fabric: $10
  • Straight pins for fabric: $3
  • Candlesticks: $9 for a set of 7 (I only used 5 here)
  • Metal baskets: $2
  • Easter grass: $1
  • Candy eggs: $2
  • Taper candles: $5
  • Total = $32

Not too bad! I have plenty of fabric leftover to use for another project (maybe a spring wreath?!), and I will definitely reuse the candles and candle holders in other areas of the house or other table décor once I’m done with this season’s table.

You might be wondering what the “DIY Failure” mentioned in the title is. Well, the same day I got the brass candlesticks from the thrift store I also got three very ugly Easter bunny figurines for a total of $2. Here’s a “before” pic.


Not horrible, but definitely not for me. The white bunny was almost ok as-is but it was super dirty and stained. I thought they would look really cute spray painted, so I got some spray paint primer and a pretty buttercream yellow can of spray paint. I thought that the repainted figurines would look nice as party of my Easter tablescape. Easy little DIY project right? You be the judge:


Yuck! And this is after 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of yellow paint. I think the two brown bunnies were just the completely wrong texture to try to spray paint: they have too many tiny nooks and crannies. The white rabbit could have turned out okay, but instead it just looks like my dog peed all over it. Not so pretty.

So no Easter bunnies for my Spring tablescape this year, oh well. At least I’m not out very much money due to my DIY failure.

Do you decorate your house of Spring and/or Easter? Do stick to traditional décor like bunnies and eggs, or do you do something more unexpected?

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