Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Recreating it for Less

Happy hump day everyone! If you haven’t seen it yet my home tour feature in Ink magazine is online! Click here to check it out. And if you’re in Kansas City you can pick up a paper copy of the magazine to see the article in print.

Yesterday Nicole at Making it Lovely posted a great mood board in pinks, warm metals, black and white, and wood. She actually posted two versions: a high and a low. I love what she came up with but I thought I could do another version that costs even less. Here’s what I came up with!

Pink collage

Sutton Sofette in Lotus Pink, $749, West Elm; Pharmacy Lamp, $36 (on sale), Target; Hanging Mirror, $19 (on sale), Target; Tassel Garland, $12, Etsy; Gold Candleholder, $20, Target; Accordion table, $60, Target; Mahogany Cabinet, $200, Kirklands; Black and White Rug, $200, Urban Outfitters; Vases, $50 for both, Target

I actually kept the same Nate Berkus accessories that Nicole used because they’re so good and so reasonably priced. The rest of the items vary in their degrees of similarities to Nicole’s items, but they all keep the same feeling. I was able to save a lot of money though. Her version cost $2234; mine only cost $1346, a savings of $888! Which version would you choose?

Thanks again to Nicole at Making it Lovely for the inspiration!


  1. Emmie, thanks for your thoughtful recommendation, regarding the lamp at Urban Outfitters! (ie. From the comment board on "Making It Lovely".) That lamp is pretty sweet!



    Ps. I didn't have any way to reply to your comment, on Nicole's blog. So, I thought the next best way is to communicate here! ;)