Monday, February 3, 2014

Luxury Room Boards

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re all still surviving this crazy polar vortex. We’ve been relatively well-off in Kansas City until this weekend when the city got covered in a sheet of ice, and now we’re expecting 6-8+ inches of snow tomorrow. No thank you, snow.

So while I’ve been stuck inside I’ve been entertaining myself by creating room boards for Polyvore’s Project Decorate contests and I really love what I put together! If you’re not familiar with Polyvore it’s a site that lets you create and view mood boards for fashion and home décor. It’s a really nice tool that I’ve used for a lot of my blog posts.

Last week Polyvore, along with designer/blogger Julia Ryan, hosted a contest to create the ultimate room mood boards with Julia’s “Updated Traditional” style. I made two glamorous rooms boards: an office and a bedroom.

"Traditional Office Glamour" by blue11interiors on Polyvore

"Traditional Bedroom Glamour" by blue11interiors on Polyvore

For both of these rooms I combined some really gorgeous high end items, like the Jonathan Adler Louis Arm Chair and the Zanadoo Large Gold Chandelier, with some really affordable items from Home Decorators and Target.

This week’s contest theme is “Palm Beach Chic,” a style I really enjoy. For this contest I created a colorful and chic living room. In this set I also mixed affordable furniture and accessories with some lovely more expensive pieces.


"Colorful Palm Beach Living Room" by blue11interiors on Polyvore

I would be absolutely thrilled to have any of these rooms in my house! For all product sources visit the sets on my Polyvore page, and feel free to “like” the sets while you’re there Smile

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