Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Apartment Makeover Source List

Yesterday I showed you my friend Kate’s apartment makeover and I think you guys liked it. Thanks to everyone who read it and especially to those who left nice comments, I really appreciate it!

Today I’m back with a breakdown of what we bought and how much we spent. You might remember from the mood board post that we had a tight budget of only $1000. We spent pretty much all of the money on the living room since she already had furnishings for the rest of the apartment.

This is what the living room looked like when she moved in:


The only pieces we kept here are the gold chaise, the coffee table, and the TV/TV stand. We replaced the side table and moved the floral chair and table lamp to the bedroom. So now the living room looks like this:




Here’s a breakdown of everything we bought:

Sofa: Target (no longer available), $300

Side Chair: Hudson Swoop Chair-Gray/Citron from Target, $150

Silver Table: Threshold Metal Accent Table from Target: $60

Pink Table: Target (no longer available), $10

Ikat Curtains: HomeGoods, $30

Throw Pillows: Blue Geometric and Coral Ikat Print Covers from 5C Home Décor on Etsy, $15 each

Area Rug: 6’x9’ Moroccan Trellis in Spa Blue from Rugs USA, $170

Lamps: Room Essentials Torchiere Floor Lamp-Silver from Target, $8 each

Total: $781

We spent about another $100 on a few accessories, hardware for the curtains, supplies for the shelves, and incidentals like paint, so even with the extra $100 we only spent about $880…well below our $1000 budget!!

Kate already had most of the accessories and art so we didn’t have to spend much money there. She also saved money by doing a few DIY projects.


The shelves under the countertop were a Pinterest-inspired project that Kate thought of and executed all on her own (though I did help style the shelves a little). She hit up Home Depot and picked up 8 cinderblocks and 3 boards, which she had them cut to size in the store. So easy! So for hardly any money she created custom built-in shelves in a space that would have otherwise gone unused. It’s the perfect spot to display books, framed art and photos, and other special knick-knacks.


Other DIY projects included the “Let it Be” art and the tray on the coffee table. The painting started out as a floral still life Kate painted at one of those paint and wine party places. It was really cute but the colors were kind of overwhelming and it just didn’t go with the other art, so Kate bought some vinyl letters, stuck them on the canvas, and painted over them with some blue paint. I really love how it turned out!

The tray started out as the top of a wine bar, but since Kate already had another bar table that she liked better she got rid of the old wine rack but kept the detachable tray top. She simply painted it white and added a pink border to give it a little pop of color. It goes so well with the pink side table and the pink pillow in the center of the couch.

The yellow chevron pillows were a DIY project from Kate’s last apartment but they work great here. She bought some inexpensive fabric at Hobby Lobby to recover a couple old pillows using a no-sew method like the one shown here. Easy!

I think that about covers it. If you have any questions about where anything else came from feel free to ask in the comments section and I’ll get back to you!

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