Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Glamorous Craigslist

You guys, you have to see this table I stumbled across yesterday when I was browsing Craigslist:

peacock table

It’s a brass peacock coffee table!! I love it so much; if only I had an extra $150 laying around to spend on a glamorous/kind of gaudy coffee table that I don’t need. Maybe one day when I have my own design studio I’ll deck it out with finds like this.

If you’re interested click here for the listing.

Or if you want an even more glamorous new peacock table you could buy this Jonathan Adler version:Jonathan Adler Peacock TableIt’s only $3695 at Zinc Door. I think I’ll take the vintage one for $150.

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  1. Hi Emmie! I found your blog when Dylan liked the INK article on facebook! Kayla is my daughter and I have heard about you and Ben! I will be following you....love to find other local bloggers!