Thursday, September 5, 2013

Vintage Shopping in Illinois

Hi friends! Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I went back to my parents’ house in Illinois for the long Labor Day weekend. It had been a really long time since I had been back for a) more than a couple days, b) with no big plans, like a holiday or a weekend, and c) by myself. So it was nice to be home and have time to just hang out and relax.

Saturday my mom took me shopping at a couple vintage shops in Champaign. The first one had lots of good stuff at great prices. The second shop was actually a high end clothing boutique and vintage shop all in one. It was really cute and well curated but a little more expensive. Here are a few pictures of some pieces I really liked at the second store.


I loved this faux bamboo coffee table. I’ve seen pieces really similar to this but I’ve never seen anything with that shape. It was a good deal at only $115.


I thought this chandelier was so sweet. It would be perfect in a little girl’s room. I like how they had it displayed in this vintage window frame too.


Another unique coffee table. There’s something about this piece that I really like although I can’t tell you exactly what.


This is a really nice Danish modern dining set. I might agree with my mom when she said they ruined it when they painted the wood, although I think they did a really nice job with the paint. I like the turquoise with the natural wood.


Another painted wood mid century piece. I think this style is easier to pull off in an accent table rather than a dining table.


This coffee table was one of my favorite pieces in the store. It was a great table to start with, and although some purists would argue that you shouldn’t touch a mid century wood piece but I like the blue border and the Moroccan stencil.


Last mid century wood and paint piece of furniture, I swear. I thought the vignette with the vintage red and white vinyl chairs was really cute.


Sorry for the blurry picture but I loved this little Indian brass table. If I had a few extra hundred dollars laying around I might have brought it home with me.


This table is a little too shabby-chic for my taste but I thought it was really cool that they turned an old door into a coffee table.


This bright orange beaded hanging shelf is just gorgeous. So chic and stylish for any home.

Okay…so I was kidding about the orange hanging shelf. It’s delightfully tacky and just…bad.

I didn’t make it home with any new furniture but I did find a couple cute accessories at the first consignment store.



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