Friday, September 20, 2013

Apartment Makeover Progress

Hello friends. Sorry for the radio silence this week; I blame my husband for that. He has been working nights which has officially screwed up my schedule. So instead of blogging I’ve been going to bed really late and sleeping until noon.

Thankfully he is now done with nights for a while and he actually has some time off, so we have a fun weekend planned. Tonight we’re going to the Mumford & Sons concert, tomorrow we’re going to the Plaza Art Fair and then tomorrow night it’s my friend’s birthday/house warming party. Should be a great weekend!

Mumford and Sons, Buzz Under the Stars 2011

So excited to see these guys again!

But enough about me. My friend Kate’s apartment is starting to come together nicely! I picked up her curtains from HomeGoods and the little pink side table from Target (for 50% off!) last weekend. I love how we decided to hang the new curtains and her existing sheers.


She also ordered the rug from Rugs USA and it just came in. Doesn’t it look great?!


We still have a long way to go but I think we have a really good start!

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