Monday, July 1, 2013

How I Styled My Coffee Table According to Emily Henderson’s Rules

I’ve been a devotee of Emily Henderson since I first watched “Secrets From a Stylist” a couple years ago. I love her designs and she is definitely an expert at styling a space. So when it came time to style my coffee table naturally I looked to her for help.

Emily’s shared many of her styling tips and tricks over the years and I’ve tried my best to internalize them. She also recently made this very helpful video with One Kings Lane to reference.

So here’s how I followed her example (rules not followed in the same order as the video).

Tip #1: Use a tray to coral everything into one place
I used this gold and black tray I bought from Target last year.

Tip #2: Use a stack of books to create height

Ms. Henderson is a huge fan of using books when styling any space so of course I had to bring out a couple of my favorite design books for my coffee table.

Tip #3: Storage for the remote

Okay, so I didn’t quite follow this one. I know she’s mentioned in the past that she’s a big fan of footed vessels so I used one of those instead. This is a french onion soup bowl I bought in France, filled with some gold candies.

Tip #4: Something vertical with an interesting shape

Emily used a vase but I brought these vintage brass cranes. I know she wouldn’t object to some vintage brass animals.

Tip #5: Something sculptural

Well the brass cranes certainly are sculptural so I kind of hit two birds with one stone there. But I also brought in this faux succulent arrangement. It (almost) follows another one of her styling tips to bring in something natural.

And there it is, a well-styled coffee table that I think Emily Henderson would be proud of.

Also, for full disclosure, this is what my coffee table actually looks like most of the time:

At least the tray part looks good! And so does the cute dog laying underneath the coffee table (it’s one of his favorite spots).

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