Wednesday, February 13, 2013

High-Low Hump Day: Pharmacy Lamps

Let’s play a little game today.  The picture below has two similar pharmacy floor lamps at wildly different price points.  Which do you think is the more expensive one?
lamps 1

Do you have your guess yet? 

Are you sure??

Ok, here’s the answer:
lamps 2
Were you right?  The one on the left is from Ralph Lauren and costs $750.  The one on the left is from Target and only costs $39! Are they identical? No. But are they very similar? Yes. I'm sure the Ralph Lauren lamp is much nicer quality than the one from Tar-jay, but if you want a pharmacy lamp and don't want to spend a ton of money on it the lamp on the right is certainly a good option. 


  1. Wow these lamps look almost identical. It's crazy how big of a price difference it is! I can't believe someone would spend over $700 for one just because it's Ralph Lauren! This is why I like to by pharmacy floor lamps online for the best deals. I've saved hundreds if not thousands over the years!