Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thirty by Thirty

My wonderful husband turns 27 this weekend and I think he’s feeling old.  Luckily I still have my youth and I’ll remain 26 for three more months, ha!  It’s amazing how quickly time passes and before we know it, we’ll both be 30.  I’ve been thinking about putting together a list of things I’d like to do before I hit that big birthday, and then my dear, sweet sister-in-law put together her own list of goals to hit before she turns 25 (ahh to be young again Winking smile).  So I’m following her lead and compiling my own list of thirty goals to achieve by the time I turn 30.  Here it goes!



Gorgeous picture of NYC by my cousin Mal

1. Visit New York City

2. Travel to California

3. Take a trip with girlfriends to somewhere fun like Vegas or California

4. Go back to Europe


5. Complete JCCC’s interior decorating certificate (this May!)

6. Start my own interior decorating business

7. Be featured in a print publication like Spaces or KC H&G

8. Be featured on a big blog like Apartment Therapy (and not as part of a contest I entered myself in Smile)

9. Get 100 followers on my blog













10. Get back to my wedding day weight

11. Have a baby.  No rush on this one though, don’t get too excited Winking smile

12. Become an aunt.  Obviously I have no control over this but it would be nice

13. Run in a big 5k race like Race for the Cure

Kansas City


The Vegan Sink from Succotash, via their FB page

14. Eat breakfast at Succotash

15. Have dinner at BlueStem

16. Explore contemporary art at The Kemper Museum

17. Eat at one of KC’s BBQ dive’s like Gates or Oklahoma Joe’s

18. Attend the Plaza Lights Ceremony

Movie and Books

File:Gone With The Wind 1967 re-release.jpg

19. Watch Gone with the Wind all the way through

20. Read one of the book club books all the way through and participate in the book club discussion

21. Watch Mary Poppins (yep, never seen it)

22. Watch The Sound of Music (never seen this one either)

23. Read Emma by Jane Austen

24. Watch every best picture Oscar nominee before the Oscars one year


                                      via SB Nation Chicago

25. Go the Illinois vs. Missouri Border Wars basketball game

26. Try Brussels sprouts

27. Throw a fancy dinner party for friends

28. Attend a live taping of a national TV show

29. Learn to play golf decently

30. Practice yoga regularly (as in, at least twice a week for several months in a row)


So, what do you think?  Is there anything else you think I should have included on here?


  1. Great list! Thanks for using my pic, I'm flattered!! :)

  2. For No. 13, you should run the law school 5k on April 20! I'm helping plan it, and trust me, its going to be awesome!