Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New chairs

I’ve been waiting a long time to reveal my new chairs.  I bought these two vintage chairs from a little antique store in my hometown about a year and a half ago.  The problem was that I had no way to get them back to Kansas City.  They didn’t fit in my parents’ car either so they couldn’t bring them when they visited.  When they came here last month though I finally convinced them to drive the Jeep which has a lot more room.  Now I finally have my pretty chairs!

blue chair

red chair 2

They’re currently living in the formal dining room, which right now is serving as a mostly empty pass through room between the living room and the kitchen/eating area. 

To fill up the room a little bit more I also added a small shelf to use as a bookshelf and as a small bar.  I put a tray I already owned on the top shelf and filled it with a few pretty glasses, some of my prettier and more interesting bottles of liquor, and a couple souvenir shot glasses from Paris and Rome.  The middle rack has some books and the bottom rack holds my home magazines. 


And here’s how everything looks together. 

both chairs

What do you think of my colorful vintage chairs? 

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