Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Three Things I Want in My New Home

We’re starting to look online at houses for our big move to St. Joseph, MO this summer. I love our house now, and if it was an option I’d stay in it for a few more years, but since I can’t I guess I can move on to something bigger and better. Ben and I have had a lot of conversations about what we want in our next house, and although there are many items on our wish list, these are the three main things we’re looking for.

1. An Upgraded Master Suite

Bath 2

Murphy Brothers Contracting via Houzz


Munger Interiors via Houzz

I love our bedroom now, but our bathroom and closet could definitely use some more space. The shower is pretty tight, so in the next house we’d love to have a walk-in shower like the one above. It seems like home builders and remodelers have finally figured out that while a big jacuzzi tub looks amazing, most people don’t use it very often. The ginormous shower is where it’s at.

And of course every girl wants a bigger closet. I don’t need something as amazing as the photo above (although I wouldn’t say no!), but I do need more space and more organization.

2. A Private Backyard


Conklin Limestone via Houzz

Our current backyard is a great space for Finnley to run around in, but it’s not the best space for people. The neighbors’ house behind us mirrors ours, and the neighbors next to us have a sunroom on the upper deck that looks down over us, so we never have any privacy. I’d love a big deck to grill out and have dinners on, and another area with some lounge chairs where I can sit and relax on a nice day, all out of reach of the neighbors’ eyes.

3. A Finished Basement Rec Room


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Obviously I can survive without a second family room, but I’d love to have a finished basement with a rec room. It’d be a great place to lounge and watch movies, or have friends over for a game night, etc. And Ben would love to have a bar, which would definitely make the basement a great spot for entertaining. Plus it would give him an area of the house where he gets to control how it’s decorated. Winking smile 

We’d also like to start a family at some point while we’re in this house, so we’re considering the needs and wants of a family with small children while we’re house hunting as well. So the private backyard would give the kids a great place to play, the finished basement could house a playroom, etc.

Any advice for our wish list? Are/were any of the above items on your list for your next or current house?


  1. These were three of my MUST haves when we went house shopping last summer and I think your priorities are completely in place. The only thing I might add is the overall look of the entryway (do you have your heart set on double doors, a spiral staircase, etc) because you just won't change those things later.

    1. Emily, your house is pretty much my dream house! It has everything I want in a house and more! Good tip about the entryway, I'll keep that in mind.

  2. That fire pit seating area is so cool. We've got crazy small closet space right now, so I'd love a closet like that!

    1. I know, I love the fire pit. And that closet is to die for!