Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ikea Wish Lists

On my tour of Ikea last week as I was struck at how many things jumped out at me and screamed “buy me right now!”. This was, of course, in addition to the running wish list I already had in my head. I think Ikea is a wonderful resource for certain items, like storage furniture and accessories, but I would use caution when buying larger pieces of furniture like sofas. Go to the store and feel the materials and sit on the furniture to make sure it feels comfortable and sturdy. Even if it’s only $400, you don’t really want to throw away $400 on a junky couch that you’ll have to replace in two years.

Here are some items I would love to get for my own house or that I just think are really cool. I had too many things to fit onto one board, so they’re split between accessories and furniture.

ikea accessories wish list


Stockholm Chandelier, $99 // Lappljung Ruta Cushion Cover, $10 // Riskorn Plant Pot, $5.99 // Bumerang Curved Clothes Hangers, $3.99 // Idyllisk Table Runner, $9.99 //Areca Palm Potted Plant, $14.99 // NÖDVÄNDIG bowl, $12.99 // Ribba frame, $7.99

ikea furniture wish list

Holmsel Chair, $69.99 // Tobias Chair, $79 // Vejmon Coffee Table, $149 // Strandmon Wing Chair, $279 // RÅSKOG kitchen cart, $49.99 // Kallax Shelving Unit, $64.99


Are any of these items are your shopping list as well? What else will you be shopping for when the new Kansas City Ikea opens tomorrow? I’m also curious to hear your thoughts on the quality of Ikea furniture if you already own any pieces. Discuss in the comments!


  1. I was eyeing that little blue cart at the Chicago Ikea a few months ago! So cute!

  2. Oh my gosh, looks amazing! I am going tomorrow morning and can't even contain my excitement! :)