Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Historic Dream House

Some of you my know that my husband, Ben, is a medical resident. He just started his third and final year of residency which is so exciting! We’ve been together since our junior year of college, so in total we’ve gone through 2 years of undergrad, 4 years of med school, and 2 years of residency together…it’s been a long journey to say the least.

But now there is a clear finish line in sight, and we’re so thrilled that Ben recently signed a contract for a job once he graduates next summer! We’ll be leaving Kansas City and moving to St. Joseph, Missouri, which is about an hour north of downtown KC. I love Kansas City and I’ll be sad to move but we’ll still be pretty close.

We won’t start the house shopping process until the spring, but that hasn’t stopped us for browsing Trulia and Zillow online to see what’s out there. St. Joe has a wide variety of homes for sale, from your smaller suburban houses to big new homes to really cool historic house.

But by far the most interesting house we’ve come across so far in our online search is this one. It’s a Queen Anne Victorian mansion that was built in 1887. It has incredible woodwork and original details, including 31 stained glass windows that are valued at $100,000. Take a look and just try not to fall in love:

Nunning house 1

nunning house 8

nunning house 2

nunning house 4

nunning house 5

nunning house 3

nunning house 9

The history of the house is also really interesting. It is called the Nunning Mansion after its original owner, August Nunning, who was the son of the owner of the Nunning Brewery. After his father died, he built this mansion of the original cellars of the brewery. The house features a secret tunnel 30 feet below the basement that extends 90 feet to the underground cellar which was originally used to store beer for the brewery.

The house is listed for $550,000 which is way out of our price range, and it’s not in the best neighborhood, but it really fun to fantasize about buying it one day. And Ben and his buddy are still talking about their plans to turn it into their personal brewery…silly boys Smile 

nunning house 6

nunning house 7

Make sure to look at the listing to see more pictures and to read more about this incredible historical home.

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  1. Oh wow, congratulations and good luck with the move!! I lived in St. Joe for a summer my freshman year in college and worked at the Applebee's. :D